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Privacy Policy

Your integrity: our commitment

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Privacy Policy

At hey, your privacy is a top priority. Your integrity is at the heart of how we design and build the services and products you know and love, so you can trust them fully and focus on making meaningful contacts.

We appreciate your trust in us when you give us your information and it is not something we take lightly.

We do not compromise on your privacy. We design our product and services with your privacy in mind. We involve experts from various fields, including law, security, technology, product design and many others to ensure that all decisions are made with respect for your privacy.

We strive to be transparent about how we handle your information. Because we also use many of the online services you use, we know that it is common for privacy policies to have insufficient information or for the language to be too complicated. We do just the opposite: We have written our privacy policy and related documents in plain language. In fact, we want you to read our policies and understand how we handle your privacy!

We appreciate you entrusting us with your information and we intend to maintain that trust. This starts with making sure you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, how we use it and what choices you can make. This policy describes our privacy practices in plain language with as few legal and technical terms as possible.

This privacy policy will take effect on Aug 17, 2021.

1. Who we are

Hey Africa AB

Reg. No: 559334-6173
Klarabergsgatan 9
54431 Hjo

Our website address is:

Our apps Can be found here:
Hey – Video Dating – Apps on Google Play

2. Where this privacy policy applies

This privacy policy applies to websites, apps, events and other services operated by Hey Africa AB. For the sake of simplicity, we call all of these our “services” in this Privacy Policy. To make it extra clear, we have added links to this privacy policy in all applicable services.

Some services may require their own unique privacy policy. If a particular service has its own privacy policy, that policy applies – not this privacy policy.

3. Information we collect

It goes without saying that we can not help you create meaningful contacts without having some information about you, such as basic profile information and what kind of people you want to meet. We also collect information generated when you use our services, such as access logs, and information from third parties, such as when you access our services through a social media account. If you want more information, we go into more detail further down.

Information you give us

You choose to provide us with certain information when you use our services. This includes:

*When you create an account, you provide at least your login information and some basic information required for the service to work, such as your gender and date of birth.

*When you fill in your profile, you can share more information with us, such as information about your personality, lifestyle, your interests and other details about you, as well as content such as photos and videos. In order to add certain types of content, such as photos and videos, you may need to give us access to your camera or photo album. Certain information you choose to provide to us is considered “special” or “sensitive” in certain jurisdictions, such as your skin color, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. By providing this information, you agree that we process such information.

*If you contact our customer service, we collect the information you give us during the interaction. Sometimes we monitor or record these interactions for educational purposes and to ensure that the service is of a high quality.

*in order to run the services, we also collect your chats with other users and content that you publish.

Information we receive from others

In addition to the information you give us directly, we receive information about you from others, including:

*Other users may provide information about you when they use our services. For example, we may collect information about you from other users if they contact us about you.

*Social Media You can use social media logins (such as your Facebook login) to create and log in to your Hey account. This means that you do not have to remember another username and password and allows you to share certain information from your social media account with us.

*Other partners We receive information about you from our partners, for example when Hey ads are published on our partners’ websites and platforms (in which case they may send information about the success of the campaign).

Information collected when you use our services

When you use our services, we collect information about which functions you have used, how you used them and which devices you use to access our services. More information is below:

*Usage information We collect information about your activity on our services, such as how you use them (eg date and time you logged in, functions you used, searches, clicks and pages displayed to you, URL to the page you came from, what ads you click on) and how you interact with other users (such as users you contact and interact with, time and date of your messages, number of messages you send and receive).

Device information We collect information from and about the devices you use to access our services, including:

-Information about the hardware and software, such as IP address, device ID and device type, settings and choices on the device and in the app, app crashes, the advertising ID (for example, Google’s AAID and Apple’s IDFA, both of which are randomly generated numbers that you can reset via the settings of your device), browser type, version and language, operating system, time zones, identifiers associated with cookies or other technology that can identify your unique device or browser (eg IMEI / UDID and MAC address)

-Information about your wireless and mobile network connections, such as your service provider and signal strength.

-Information about device sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses.

*Other information with your consent If you give us your consent, we may collect your exact geolocation (latitude and longitude) in different ways, depending on the service and device you use, including GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. If you have expressly given your consent to the collection of your geolocation, it may take place in the background even if you do not use the service. If you refuse to collect your geolocation, we will not collect it. In the same way, we can collect your photos and videos (for example, if you want to publish a photo or video or want to stream in the services).

4. Cookies and other similar data collection technology

We use and may allow others to use cookies and similar technology (eg tracking pixels) to discover you and / or your devices. More information about why we use them can be found in our cookie policy (for example, to ensure that you are you, to remember your choices and settings, to analyze traffic and trends on the website, to provide and measure how effective advertising campaigns are , to let you use social features) and how to better choose how they are used through your browser settings and other tools.

5. How we use the information

The main reason we use your information is to provide and improve our services. In addition, we use your information to help you stay safe and to show ads that may be of interest to you. Continue reading to get a more detailed explanation of the different reasons why we use your information along with practical examples.

To administer your account and provide our services

  • To create and manage your account
  • To give you customer support and answer your questions
  • To communicate with you about our services

To communicate with you about our services

  • To analyze your profile, activity on the service and your preferences to recommend meaningful contacts for you and to recommend you to others
  • To show users’ profiles to each other

To provide new Hey services

  • To register and view your profile on new features and in new apps from Hey
  • To administer your account on such new features and in such new apps

To show relevant offers and ads for you

  • To communicate with you via email, phone, social media or mobile devices about products or services that we think may interest you
  • To administer raffles, contests, discounts or other offers
  • To develop, display and track content and ads tailored to your interests in our services and on other websites

To improve our services and develop new ones

  • To develop new functions and services (for example, we may decide to expand a new interest-based function at the request of users).
  • To study and analyze user behavior to improve our services and our content (for example, we may decide to change the look and feel and also change a certain function fundamentally based on user behavior)
  • To administer focus groups and surveys

To prevent, detect and combat fraud or other illegal or unauthorized activities

  • To handle ongoing or alleged misconduct on and off the platform
  • To analyze data to better understand and design countermeasures against such activities
  • To store fraudulent activity data to prevent it from happening again

To ensure that we comply with laws

  • To comply with legal requirements
  • To assert or exercise our rights, such as our terms of use
  • To help with law enforcement

6. How we share information

Of course, because we want to help you create meaningful contacts, users’ information is shared, especially with other users. We also share certain users’ information with service providers and partners who help us run the service, in some cases, with law enforcement agencies. Read on for more information on how we share your information with others.

  • With other users

You share information with other users when you voluntarily disclose information in the service (including in your public profile). Be careful about what information you share and only share things that you are comfortable with making it publicly available because neither you nor we can control what others do with your information once you share it. If you choose to limit the target audience to parts of your profile or certain content or information about you, it will be visible according to your settings.

  • With our service providers and partners

We use third party services to help us operate and improve our services. These third parties help us with various tasks, including data hosting and moderation, maintenance, analysis, customer support, marketing, advertising, payment solutions and security. We may also share information with partners who distribute advertisements and help us advertise our services. For example, we may share certain information about you with our condensed advertising partners that are not readable by humans. We follow strict selection processes before we hire any service providers or work with any partner. All our service providers and partners must accept strict privacy obligations.

  • When required by law

We may disclose your information if it is reasonably necessary: (i) to comply with a legal process, such as a court decision, a lawsuit or a search warrant, an investigation by authorities / law enforcement agencies or other legal requirements; (ii) to assist in the prevention or detection of a crime (in any case under applicable law); or (iii) to protect the safety of a person.

  • To assert legal rights

We may also share information (i) if sharing would mitigate our liability in the event of a lawsuit or a threat of lawsuit; (ii) where necessary, to protect our legal rights and the legal rights of our users, business partners and other interested parties; (iii) to perform our agreement with you; and (iv) to investigate, prevent or take action against criminal activity, suspected fraud or other wrongdoing.

  • With your consent or at your request

We may ask for your consent to share your information with third parties. In that case, we will make it clear that we want to share the information. We may use and share non-personal information (meaning information that does not in itself identify who you are, such as device information, general demographics, general behavioral data, geolocation in deidentified form) and personal information in condensed form that is not readable by humans, under any of the above circumstances. We may combine this information with other non-personal information or personal information in condensed form that is not readable by people collected from other sources.

7. Cross-border data transfer

The sharing of information described in Section 6 sometimes means that we transmit information across borders, for example to the Sweden and other jurisdictions. One example is the transfer of personal data of persons using the services of the European Economic Area (“EEA”) to countries outside the EEA. We use standard contractual clauses that have been approved by the European Commission and other appropriate protections to allow data transfer from the EEA to other countries. Standard contractual clauses are agreements between companies that transfer personal data and bind them to protect the privacy of your data and to keep it secure.

8. Your rights

We want you to have control over your information so we have provided you with the following tools:

  • Access / update tool in the service. Tools and account settings that help you access, correct or delete information that you have provided to us and that is directly linked to your account with the service. Contact our customer service team here for help if you have any questions about the tools and settings.
  • Device permissions. Mobile platforms have permission systems for specific types of device data and notifications, such as the phone’s contacts and location services, as well as push notifications. If you change the settings on your device to either consent to or deny the collection of that type of information or to display that type of notifications. Some of the services may not work properly if you do.
  • Removal. You can delete your account by using that feature directly in the service.

We want you to be aware of your rights regarding your privacy. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Uninstall. You can stop all information gathering in an app by uninstalling it in the usual way for your device. If you uninstall the app from your mobile device, the unique identifier for your device will continue to be stored. If you reinstall the app on the same mobile device, we will continue to associate the identifier with your previous transactions and activities.
  • Responsibility. In some countries, including the EU, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the applicable data protection authority if you are dissatisfied with how we handle your personal data. You can lodge a complaint with the data protection authority in the country where you live, where you work or where we operate.

9. How we protect your information

We work hard to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing, changing, disclosing or deleting your personal information. As with all technology companies, we can not promise, and you should not expect, that your personal information will always be secure, we also take steps to keep the information secure.

We regularly monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks and regularly review our information collection, storage and processing procedures to update our physical, technical and organizational security measures.

We may suspend your use of all or part of the Services without prior notice if we suspect or detect security breaches. Let us know right away if you think your account or information is no longer secure.

10. How long we keep your information

We only retain your personal information for as long as we need it for legitimate business purposes (as described in section 5) and in accordance with applicable law. To protect your and other users’ security both when you use and do not use our services, we use a security window of three months after the account is deleted. During that period, the account information will be saved even if the account is of course no longer visible in the services.

In practice, we delete or anonymize the information when the account is deleted (after the security window) or after two years of continuous inactivity, unless:

  1. we must keep it to comply with applicable law (for example, we retain certain “traffic data” for one year to comply with data storage laws)
  2. we must keep it to prove that we comply with applicable law (register of consent to our terms of use, our privacy policy and other similar consents are kept for example for five years)
  3. there is an open question, request or dispute that requires us to retain the relevant information until this has been resolved or
  4. the information must be retained for our legitimate business purposes, such as preventing fraud and improving users’ security. For example, information may be retained to prevent a user who has been suspended for unsafe behavior or security incidents from opening a new account.

Keep in mind that even though our systems are designed to perform the data erasure processes mentioned above, we cannot guarantee that all data will be deleted within a specified time frame due to technical limitations.

11. Children’s integrity

Our services may only be used by persons who have reached the age of 18. We do not allow users under the age of 18 on our platform and do not knowingly collect personal information about anyone who is younger than that. If you suspect that a user is under the age of 18, you can report it via the reporting mechanism in the service.

12. Changes to the privacy policy

Because we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help you create meaningful contacts, this policy may change over time. We will notify you before any significant changes occur so that you have time to review the changes.

13. Personal Data Deletion Request

You have the right to request that we delete your data.
If you want to delete your data, you can email: [email protected] or contact us  at 

Hey Africa AB

Reg. No: 559334-6173
Klarabergsgatan 9
54431 Hjo

email: [email protected]

14. How to contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can reach us as follows:

Hey Africa AB

Reg. No: 559334-6173
Klarabergsgatan 9
54431 Hjo

email: [email protected]

Our website address is: