Amplify yourself

If you look up “to amplify” in the dictionary you will find definitions such as “to increase the volume” and “to enlarge upon or add detail to (a story or statement). And that is exactly what we would like the Hey Africa app to do for you. The real-time video function is there for you to showcase your attributes and talents. But we would like you to use it well, meaning don’t limit yourself to the messaging of traditional dating apps. Our app is meant to be so much more than that, and it will be, if you allow it to.


First of all, you can use Hey Africa for more than one thing at a time (which surprisingly enough many other dating apps don’t allow for, in the few cases that the app is versatile and not only for dating you will have to choose the one area you are interested in). With us you can look for participants for a cooking circle; a partner for life; buddies to build an AI robot with; and likeminded people in general – at the same time. Just adapt your message for each particular purpose – et voila! And as an extra bonus, since our app is location based, you might find your true love, friendship or just a date in your very neighbourhood.


Speaking about messages, whatever your goal when joining our community, as the focus is how best toamplify yourself, we would like you to start off by asking yourself this simple question: When am I the best version of myself? Because the answer to that question will probably tell you something about where you should put the emphasis in your video/s. You may think that most people on dating apps are just looking for great appearances, an impressive career or how much money you have in the bank. That sort of information would make for a boring video message no doubt. We would also like to think that it would be to underestimate us humans. A contagious laugh or a quirky skill will certainly spark much more curiosity in the viewer and therefore a wish to know more about that person. We are all unique, so why not let your uniqueness be your selling point rather than being stuck in old stereotypes as to what is attractive and worth investing your valuable time in.


Similarly, we would like to encourage you to apply that same principle as a viewer when you’re trying to find your match. If you let curiosity be your guiding star it will open your life to so many different possibilities. Being a little bit less quick in labelling others and keeping an open mind will allow your universe to expand – which is another way of amplifying yourself.


And lastly, you can’t expect others to know what you want if you are not sure yourself. So, to be able to manifest yourself at your best you need to know what you want – in life as well as love and friendship. As the mantra goes: “Name it before you claim it”! 

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